Show "My Russia - the First in the world"

in anniversary President № 1 in the world
7 october. Moscow. Concert Hall "Russia"

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The world contest "Showman of the year"

creative gifts for President and for Russia
(we are waiting gifts from D. Trump, N. Nazarbaev, A. Lukashenko
and other our friends )
from 7th august

Hey World, welcome to Russia

Russian Creative Tour
"Investment in the richest country"
since 7 august

Ideas, Entertaiment, Possibilities

Blogs, Business plan, Common strategies of business and state

National Assosiation
of Showmen and artists

investment in show Business

events to World Football Championship 2018 and Universiada 2019

Blogs and Shows

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"Russian Showmen Week". Ведущие из 73 городов и 5 стран

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Группа «USB» и Илья Глебов.

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Остров Искья. Италия. Свадебное мероприятие

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Маврикий. Корпоративное мероприятие. 7 дней.

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Тимур Родригез и Илья Глебов.

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Клуб «Gipsy». 1000 человек. Pre party Russian Showmen Week

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Илья Глебов и «Дискотека Авария»

Илья Глебов и легенда КВН Елена Борщова

Москва. Свадебное мероприятие

Мадрид. Фотосессия для свадебного портала

Минск. Выступление на Wedding Professional Congress

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